DPMA Facilities

Don't settle for a cramped dojo squeezed into a strip mall! DPMA classes are held in our almost 4,000 square foot facility, which includes a massive open-floor training area, a weight-training section, a separate lobby where parents and friends can watch the area, changing rooms, restroom, and a pro-shop. We're conveniently located close to US-3 and I-495, and we offer ample parking on both sides of our building.

We're committed to high-intensity training in a safe environment, and we have all the equipment to ring your workout to the next level. The flooring in our training area is 1" thick, impact-spreading foam. We offer free weights and exercise machines; heavy bags, focus mitts, and kick pads; and an array of martial arts weaponry for our students to practice with, including swords, staves, escrima sticks, sai, nunchuka, and more.

On the rare occasions when our facility just isn't big enough, we have a long-standing arrangement that gives us access to a local school's gynasium.


(Top Left: The exterior of DPMA, courtesy of Google Street View.)

(Right: A group of students prepares for class in our primary training facility.)

(Left: A local school gymnasium hosts multiple seminar stations during the New England Martial Arts Festival.)